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Dave Interview & Podcasts In General September 19, 2008

Posted by Tom Ortega II in Dave, erp, Flex, podcast, workday.

In case you somehow missed it, I wanted to point out an interview with our humble leader, Dave Duffield.  He recently participated in the Bill Kutik Radio Show podcast.  One of the highlights in this great podcast is Dave’s rundown of his companies and the technology changes that occurred during each.

Podcasts are a really great technology.  The quality of the recordings can be just as good as what you find on the radio, but with the flexibility of the content to be what you care most about.  I’ll have to admit that I don’t listen to as many podcasts as I should, but that’s just because I get too engrossed in them.  Therefore, that means they’re not an option when coding.  I’d listen to them on my “commute” but since that’s only 10 minutes long, I don’t think I’d get much in that way either.

If you do like podcasts and want to learn a little more about Flex (the technology that powers Workday’s UI), there’s a really great podcast put on by two friends of mine: Jeff Houser and John Wilker.  It’s called The Flex Show and it covers the Adobe Flex technology world.  I’ll have to get Khurram and Frank from the Workday UI team to do an interview with them soon, so you can find out some juicy details about our amazing UI.  In the meantime, you can listen to a brief interview with Charlie Boyle (the UI team’s manager).  You can zoom to minute 14 to get to Charlie in that episode.



1. John Wilker - September 19, 2008

We’d love to have you Workday’ers on the Flex show! Send us an email!

2. Bill Kutik - September 19, 2008

Tom, thanks for the mention and link to the Radio Show. Dave was great. But if you can’t make time to listen to a 20-minute podcast, I am concerned about your life….Bill

3. DBeck - September 19, 2008

I like that you guys posted this. This is a great help. That said the quality of your audio file was rough, so I’d encourage folks who want to hear the interview to grab the Podcast. I’ll definitely check out the Flex Show. Thx for the tip.

4. Jeffry Houser - September 20, 2008

Thanks for listening and plugging our show!

If Khurram and Frank are interested in being on The Flex Show, they can drop us a line through The Flex Show site.

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