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Silverlight vs. Flex – Round 1 May 2, 2007

Posted by khurram in Adobe, Flex, Microsoft, Open Source, RIA, Silverlight.

1.  The race is on, Microsoft to open source “some” of its SilverLight technology.  Microsoft’s definition of open source is generally limited to sharing the code with developers outside the company i.e. it has never allowed outsiders to actually contribute code to its products.  If they stick to that old strategy, open source developers would just yawn at this.  Adobe, on the other hand, is planning on gradually taking more of an Apache type approach for Flex where developers outside of Adobe can fix bugs and make enhancements to the platform. In any case, this smells like the browser wars of the 90s. 

Read the full story at – http://www.techworld.com/news/index.cfm?newsID=8703&printerfriendly=1

2.  Microsoft plans on making their CLR (Common Language Runtime) available cross platform.  Essentially, both.NET and SilverLight will one day be available on platforms other than windows and in turn browsers other than IE.  This will diminish a significant competitive advantage that Adobe had with Flex.

Read the full story at – http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=414

How do you think the RIA market is shaping up?  Who in your opinion has a better chance at success, is it Microsoft, Adobe, AJAX or an underdog like Lazlo?  Share your insights and opinions with us.



1. thesaj - March 27, 2008

Won’t support Microsoft as internet platforms because they are traditionally “embrace, extend, drop” in their strategy.

Nearly every product Microsoft builds in it’s various wars, first embraces aspects of the rival. Extend or enhances the features, often breaking compatibility if it’s a standard based product. Then, as soon as the platform succeeds – they drop support for rivals.

(ie: Try to find Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player for Macintosh.)

I’d wager that Silverlight will be released for Mac & Linux. But if it were to become ubiquitous like Flash. You’d watch Microsoft stop releasing new versions for Apple or Linux. And they’d then use Silverlight to leverage and force users back into their OS.

There are some exceptions on the part of Microsoft, but they are fewer and farther between.

– Jason

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